oh, m i c h e l l e


Undeleted text messages and voicemails from the dead. 

You make death stay. You long, and so you confront and embrace your fears.  If you can't keep them living, you keep them alive through death.  Not tributes, reminders by remainders. Severed heads have no voice, but you can't ignore them. You give them your voice in lieu. You sew your memories to their faces.  They are unavoidable. They are sublime and - they are not.  They represent the terror and the joy you cannot deliver. You deny yourself forgetting.  Julia Kristeva "[moved] on from them [severed heads, symptoms, drives] to imagine a capital moment in the history of the visible.” Reference her. Reference Lacan.  Reference Sontag.  Reference Hirst. Precede the spectacle. You long for and are repulsed by this. You won't be satisfied.